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meet Jerry!

Jerry Cooper graduated from Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. and graduated with a degree in art. Before his retirement, Jerry was employed at Vitro Laboratories in Silver Spring, Maryland as a technical illustrator and supervisor for 28 years. During his time at Vitro, they contracted with the U.S. Navy where Jerry created hand-drawn illustrations to display like an old-fashioned PowerPoint of Navy ships to assist in securing funding.


Jerry, his wife, and three children moved to Indiana where he was a substitute teacher for five years at Indiana School for the Deaf. He finalized his working career after he worked for Indiana Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services as a program coordinator. He retired for good in 1993.


His final residence is in Minnesota where he has become connected with The Crew with Kenny, Jenny, and Amanda. Jerry has felt honored to have a front-row seat to meet so many veterans throughout the Patriotic Kenny journey.

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