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Meet Kenny


Name: Kenneth Jary

Age: 81

Service: Navy Veteran, E3, USS Okinawa, 1959-1965

State: Minnesota

Scooter Recipient: October 2021

Patriotic Kenny foundation:

to honor and empower veterans

through mobility wellness.

Kenny's scooter story

The Patriotic Kenny Foundation is a registered
501(c)(3) nonprofit charity, EIN 920425604

PO Box 694

Willernie, MN 55090

Venmo: kindnessmatters27

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At 79-years-old, Kenny had lived a life defined by duty, honor, and an unwavering love for his country. A Navy veteran with a heart as vast as the oceans he once sailed, he was affectionately known as "Patriotic Kenny". His days were spent interacting with people around him and spreading his contagious joy on his mobility scooter, adorned with American flags

One day, Kenny's neighbor, Amanda, introduced him to the world

of TikTok and started @patriotickenny. His natural charisma shone

through as she shared snippets of his deep appreciation for his

fellow veterans. With his gummy smile and contagious personality,

he became an instant sensation. Kenny's positivity and messages

of unity beacon of hope in a world often overshadowed by cynicism

and division.

But life has a way of testing even the most steadfast spirits. One

morning, as Kenny tried to start up his trusty mobility scooter to head out on his daily rounds, the soccer would only run intermittently until it refused to run any more. The scooter, a constant companion that allowed him to traverse his community and connect with others, had finally given in to old age. Kenny was stranded, his independence suddenly taken away.

Word of Kenny's predicament spread quickly through TikTok. The very people he had touched with his tales now yearned to help him in return. Offers of assistance poured in, and a GoFundMe campaign was launched to get him a new mobility scooter. Donations came from across the globe. 

Within 24 hours, enough money was raised for Kenny to get a brand new, state-of-the-art mobility scooter. Tears welled up in his weathered eyes as he realized the depth of the connections he had forged through his videos. His fame on TikTok had not only introduced him to a digital world but had also brought genuine friendships into his life.

                                               Inspired by the outpouring of support, Kenny's heart swelled with a new                                                              purpose. Together with his closest friends, The Crew (Amanda, Jenny, and Jerry)                                                decided to use his newfound platform and the generosity he had experienced to                                                give back. And so, the Patriotic Kenny Foundation was born. With the help of                                                      volunteers and his followers, Kenny has dedicated part of his life to providing                                                       free mobility scooters to other veterans.


                                               Kenny's impact has stretched beyond the virtual realm. He has become a living                                                  example of how one person's positive outlook and resilience could create a                                                        ripple effect of kindness and change. As he navigates his new mobility scooter,                                                    he isn't just exploring his neighborhood; he’s charting a path towards a better future for those who had served their country.

Kenny's journey from a now 81-year-old Navy veteran to a social

media sensation and founder of a heartwarming foundation

showcased the incredible power of human connections. He

proved that age is just a number, and the impact of one person's

passion and dedication can create ripples of change that extend

far beyond themselves.

Kenny has a renewed sense of purpose and belonging, proving

that even in the face of adversity, the human spirit could rise and

soar, just the flags he holds so dearly. Every time he shares a

story or lends a helping hand, Kenny reminds the world that true

patriotism extends far beyond waving a flag; it is about embodying the values of unity, compassion, and service.

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Receiving his scooter

About Kenny's Service

About the Crew

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