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Meet bob

Name: Robert Holstrom

Age: 97 1/2

Service: WW2 Army Air Corps Pilot in the OSS

State: Minnesota

Scooter Recipient: June 2023

Bob's scooter story

A remarkable man named Bob, a 97 and a half-year-old veteran whose life had been a tapestry of heroism and secrecy. Back in his prime, Bob had been an esteemed pilot in the OSS Army Air Corps during World War II. He flew B-24s with unparalleled skill, tasked with the perilous missions of hauling supplies to the underground resistance in France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, and Norway. The clandestine operations were a closely guarded secret, and for four decades, Bob carried the weight of those untold stories within him.

Despite the passing years, the memories of his wartime experiences were as vivid

as ever in Bob's mind. He often found solace in the quiet memories from his time

in service. But as much as he cherished those memories, there was a sense of

sadness that accompanied them—the burden of carrying secrets for so long had

been a heavy cross to bear.

Time had taken its toll on Bob's body, leaving him with limited mobility. Gone

were the days when he could walk with the strength and vigor of a young soldier.

It was a difficult reality to accept, and Bob found himself increasingly limited in

mobility. The world outside had become too fast-paced for his aged legs, and he

longed for the freedom to move without restraint.

Then, one day, a ray of hope appeared in the form of a mobility scooter. Once he settled into its seat and felt the wind on his face as he glided around, he knew this scooter was a gift from the heavens. The mobility scooter was like a time machine, transporting him back to the days of his youth, when he soared through the skies with the wind in his hair and his heart filled with invincibility. It became his wings, allowing him to break free from the chains of his frailty.


                                                  The mobility scooter had become more than just a means of transportation; it                                                     was a symbol of resilience and a bridge between the past and the present. It                                                       had allowed Bob to break free from the constraints of age and circumstance,                                                       bringing back a sense of adventure into his life.

                                                  In the twilight of his years, Bob had found a new lease on life, thanks to the                                                         mobility scooter that had become his faithful companion. There were still                                                             stories to tell, lessons to impart, and lives to touch—a legacy that would                                                               endure long after he was gone. And with each passing day, he savored the joy                                                   of knowing that his mobility scooter had changed his life in ways he could have                                                   never imagined.

Receiving his scooter

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